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A Tropical Escape

Updated: Feb 26, 2020

Close to home! We rented an air b'n'b for the weekend and what a beauty it was. I love Air bnb, so many hidden gems to explore and all the comforts of home. The pups were just as excited as we were to arrive, especially after the 5 hour drive from Sydney. 

We arrived late in the evening the first night but awoke the next morning to dreamy doll house, with chairs in pastel colours scattered around the many verandas lined with white beach style wooden walls. Suddenly you realise you've arrived at your house of future dreams! Parrots came to join us for breakfast every morning and we spent our days either lounging on the beach, or playing in the lake a stones throw from our abode.

The beach pictured below was called Boomerang Beach when we arrived it was almost deserted. We took the boogie boards to play in the huge waves, all fun and games until someone, or a few of you get stung by a blue bottle. It's times like this you miss a patrolled beach and hundreds of people around to help. We avoided the beautiful ocean of the rest of the day but watched the dolphins battle the surfers for waves and chased them up and down the beach until we caught sight of them. Not a bad day spent if you ask me.

Back to our lovely new nest and time to test out the OUTDOOR SHOWER! clearly my favourite part. Just clean we spotted kayaks and of course immediately took these out on the lake. So lucky to have these with our pad but you can also hire them from the cute boat shed come cafe just by the lake. I'd highly recommend this cute place, you must try their special Iced Coffee. So perfect that the Frothy Coffee Boatshed was on our doorstep but worth the short trip even if you're just staying nearby, Lake Myall is an amazing day out in itself.

Do you ever get the feeling someone is watching you...

Peace and Love, Rachel Lilly x

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