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Updated: Feb 26, 2020

Cruising the channels in a Tinny boat at Tea Gardens, Port Stephens

Tea Gardens is an old classic for us, we've been here so many times! But that's also because it's one of our favourites, so we obviously love to take visitors here and sometimes it's nice to just go somewhere you know is going to be fab! We've hired paddle boards and kayaks in the estuary before, but because the weather wasn't amazing, and, lets face it we would be falling in, (probably pushed), we decided to hire a boat instead. "We'll take the smallest one"! Have you ever heard of a 'tinny' boat - that's what got! It fits 6 people and has a motor, but it turns out that's all we needed and it was super fun!

We set off up river and despite not seeing any police on land all weekend, we were stopped by the harbour patrol boat to be told we were going on the wrong side of the buoys - Oops! As we got up stream we could see beautiful sand dune islands ahead and decided to stop at one to relax. The place was beautiful, unspoilt, untouched. We laid out some towels, got some beers (cider for me) from the esky, popped on some Kolsch music and then sat back to relax and felt very lucky to be alive right now.

Not being able to keep still for too long I went for a little wander around the dunes and basked in the views. When I came our secret spot had vanished as a couple more boats had joined us. But our time was up anyway and we had to return the boat, next time we'll get a boat all day, the cost isn't much more. 

As we cruised back to shore the weather quickly changed and we went from sun bathing on the way there to all huddling together under towels back. It made us feel lucky that we'd managed to get some sun today though, and that we really had made the most of it. The river was full of fancy boats and catamarans on the way back and we daydreamed of owning our own one day.

You can hire boats from the Tea Gardens Boatshed, we paid just $90 for 2 hours and it fitted 6 people. Or in our case, 4 and dog. Until next time..

Love, Rachel Lilly x

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