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Exploring Byron

Updated: Feb 26, 2020

Or more specifically eating and drinking our way around Byron... it was Winter after all!

Day 1, 6am; We started off not so bright and early on Saturday morning to do the lighthouse walk for sunrise. I had this on my list (I love lists!), without really thinking we'd get up and do it. Clearly I had completely forgotten about my early bird husband. So up we got and fell into the car - my eyes half open, thankfully he was awake! You can be forgiven for forgetting it's winter here in Byron, but not at 6am, at six it's 100% still winter, especially perched on top of a hill at the most easterly point in Australia. It really is a beautiful spot though and it was the perfect way to start the day. I'm so glad we got up to do this. Getting up is hard but don't you always feel better for doing so!?

7:30 - Coffee coffee coffee and avocado! Give me both of these for breakfast and I'll be happy. In case you don't already know we're all obsessed with avocado here. I met a girl once who ate so many she became allergic - true story! I'd booked a surprise for 9:30, (hubby's Birthday) and I half expected us to be rushing; had planned for us to grab a quick acai bowl en-route, but since we were up so early we went to Bay Leaf cafe for breakfast. The food here is so incredible and you have to try their signature coconut cold drip coffee pictured above. 

9:15 - So-o-o-o much fun on our kayak adventure! We set off with high hopes of spotting dolphins and whales but unfortunately didn't see either. Although it was really sweet of the tour group to offer a free trip next time we're in town because of the dolphin no shows. The guides were absolute hippies and we were told we had to put out good vibes because the dolphins could sense this. They also told us it might help if we made dolphin noises. Try to imagine a big group in the middle of the ocean waving our paddles around and making strange noises; either this really does work? Or our guides were having a good giggle at us, either way tonnes of fun. Also, a great workout! I could really feel it in my arms after 2 hours of battling the waves. My favourite part was catching the surf back into shore and it has totally made me want to learn - this is the summer!

Byron lives up to its hippy chilled stereotype in the most perfect of ways but one thing that's taken very seriously is the food. Everywhere we ate was delicious. One of our favourite dishes was the zucchini fritters from Byron Fresh. We (when I say we, I mean Pav) has been re-creating his own version of these for me this weekend. After lunch we wandered around town and along the beach and I had lots of fun playing tour guide since I've been once before; although probably annoying the hubby to death with constant commentary as we walked. "How many times have you been before again?" he asked. 

Day 2 was just as busy, we started with breakfast at Harvest Cafe in Newrybar, which is just outside of Byron Bay. It's a very small little town with quaint little shops selling handmade goodies. Harvest itself has different areas, you can dine in the restaurant or grab a takeaway from the cafe. They have their own gardens where they grow produce and it's as pretty as it sounds. On the drive back to Byron we dropped in to visit the Farm, the place is pretty special, so much so that I've written a whole other post about this which you can read here. Next was a visit to Stone & Wood brewery. I don't drink beer but it was the hub's birthday weekend after all and he was all smiles once he had a tasting paddle in front of him. I was also excited to try their homemade kombucha, which they had on tap. If you haven't heard about this drink yet, you will soon. It's the new health drink to hit stores and this fermented tea is said to be loaded with all kinds of health benefits. All I know is it tastes pretty good and surely is healthier than beer.

Just before home time we went for a drink at Balcony; this doesn't look like much from downstairs but is such a hidden gem. It has the most beautiful decor and as an added bonus we'd landed up for Oyster festival! $1 Oysters, whaat!? This excitement at the time really stemmed from my husband because before this visit I wasn't the biggest fan. But I'm very happy to say, I've been converted and now I actually L O V E them. Yay champagne and oysters every weekend this summer? We ordered some this weekend at Hugo's in Manly and I ate Pav's share. Oops! Pav was half mad, half super so excited because that is one more food I like. I used to be the fussiest eater ever and slowly slowly hubbie is introducing me to so much food. The only thing I wish he hadn't got me onto is coffee because I honestly fear I may be slightly addicted. But who isn't I guess..

Walking back to the car we spotted this gorgeous mini rainbow peeking through the clouds. It hadn't even been raining and it reassured me of those we've lost who are still with us and watching over us.

Peace and Love, Rachel Lilly x

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