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Figure of 8 Pools

Updated: Feb 26, 2020

The day we risked our lives for an adventure!

You can find the Figure of 8 Pools hidden within the National Park. Well maybe not so hidden anymore! I've heard this used to be a secret spot for locals but now the word is most definitely out and it's a hot spot for tourists too.

I've wanted to visit these pools for so long, but it's been tricky getting pals to come with me. For starters there's the walk to get there, around 90 minutes each way. The way down was breezy and we wondered what all the fuss was about, but when you reach the rocks you have another trek over these to reach the famous pools, oh and of course you have to make your way back up the same way you came down. Secondly, it really is quite treacherous. You can only access these pools for around an hour or two at low tide each day, you can check the tide here before you set off. We landed just at the right time but even so the waves crashing against the rocks was a sight to behold and because the tide had just gone out the rocks were very slippery. The added danger is that the place is so remote, if you were to fall and hurt yourself there is no first aid, no doctor and you have to make the hike back up the hill. The place is beautiful and I would go again but it's not for the faint hearted.

Even though we didn't go on the warmest of days (perfect for the walk), that didn't put people off and the place was pretty busy, with most people stripping off and jumping into the pools. I'm slightly embarrassed to say I was too chicken and didn't get in, this time. But all the more reason to go back again soon! To reach the pools you pass the beautiful Burning Palms beach, which reminds me a lot of those you find at Jervis bay. For those not quite as adventurous, spending a day on this hidden gem would be equally as fulfilling. As a little treat (and we figured we'd alre ady walked them off) we got fish and chips on the way home, a perfect end to the day.

P.s. we didn't plan our matching sportswear, haha!

Love, Rachel Lilly x

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