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Our Tree House

Updated: Feb 26, 2020

Just for the weekend!

What dreamy weekend.. back in chilly Sydney and wishing we were back at this peaceful escape. Looking back through the pictures I feel such a sense of calm, it's so much better in real life believe me. We only had two nights here and of course I tried to cram a LOT of sightseeing into those two days so it's a shame we didn't get to really spend longer here. This is the perfect place to sit back with a good book and watch the world go by. We didn't see another sole apart from Mr Pelican, which was a welcome surprise our first morning. This hidden gem can be found just a street back from Belongil beach, a short stroll from Byron centre but with a much quieter beach and The Treehouse, one of my favourite bars and worth a trip here alone. Entering from the quiet street, beautiful wooden houses painted in pastel colours are set back from the road, hidden beneath leafy palms. Weaving yourself through the foliage we passed the beachside studio and large house all the way to the back of the property and to our treehouse, or Riverside Pavilion as named by the boutique hotel. Despite other 'rooms' once you climb the stars to the tree house you'd be mistaken for thinking your the only two people for miles.

Does anyone else ever search madly for accommodation way in advance and perhaps you're between two or three tops picks; you book and then by the time the trip comes around you've mixed a couple of properties features up in your head? Well for me I had in my head this place had a bath, so much so that I'd put on my to do list (I love a lists for those who don't know me too well), buy lush bath bombs! Anyway I was almost feeling a bit sad about it until we arrived and the view completely made up for it, along with our cosy little treehouse nest. But furthermore there was a beautiful indoor outdoor shower, bonus! There's honestly so many incredible places to stay in Byron, it was so hard to choose, The Atlantic is also on my list, absolute hotel of my dreams.

Apart from Mr Pelican we also met some other critters during our stay. Good critters though don't worry. I am not a fan of bugs. But, lets be honest we are in Australia so you're going to see some kind of animal. Can you spot the lizard in the pictures? There was quite a few floating around and also a family of brush turkeys, who very expertly scaled the trees when they spotted us. The trees were super high, it was impressive! Ok so I'm a little embarrassed to share this but I just found out today that these guys are actually called brush-turkeys not bush, which I've been calling them for year, oops! I'm the worst Australian ever.

Thank you for having us A Beach House at Byron, I hope we'll be back soon!

Peace and Love, Rachel Lilly x

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