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Searching for Sunflowers

Updated: Feb 25, 2020

Down at The Farm, Byron Bay

The Farm, rightly named is a working farm just outside of Byron, but get, this you can visit!  You can wander around relatively freely and chill there all day of you want to. Friendly is the best word, the place is filled with happy faces and even happier animals and it's one of my favourite places to visit during a trip to Byron Bay.

I was so happy to see sunflowers this time! I visited back in January and we had just missed them. I knew they bloomed around Christmas time, they're a bit like cherry blossoms but even less timing specific, so blink and you miss them. As you can imagine it's super hard to plan a trip to see them. I've seen pictures at the farm of rows and rows of sunflowers but I was happy with the couple we discovered. I think it was even more fun because we didn't expect to see any at all.

So I've been here both in winter (yes, this is winter!) and in summer and this is about as busy as it gets so it's a great place to come and relax. Don't get me wrong the car park was full, there are a lot of people here but because the place is so huge and spread out you can find a little spot, set up a picnic and relax. If you make your way just up and over the hill you come to the pecan and macadamia orchards, it feels almost magical nestled beneath the trees. We scoured the floors for fallen shells and used the guillotines provided to crack them open, super fun and delicious! 

Back to the animals and vegetables, have you ever seen such a neat and perfect veggie patch? We loved seeing the perfect eggplants (or aubergines) and heirloom tomatoes which we've become addicted to recently. If you haven't tried them, you'll struggle to go back to 'normal' tomatoes on your breakkie trust me. Mmm writing this is making me hungry. I'll do a post about my husband's amazing breakfasts soon. The animals; it was so lovely to see such happy creatures. You can't pet the animals, this isn't that sort of farm but I think seeing them like this is so much better. Chickens follow you as you walk past their field (they get their own field, or two), the pigs enjoying a mud bath and there were the cutest baby calfs. That reminds me, it's almost spring time yay!

Because we only had a short weekend in Byron we didn't spend too long here but you could easily spend hours and hours if not all day. This is really a wonderful place to bring your family too, especially little kiddies, there's a great play park and lots of space. You can even treat yourself to food at Three Blue Ducks, although I love going here in Sydney I've heard amazing things at the Byron venue and I've been dying to try, can you believe I've been here twice and not eaten, the first reason is because there are so many food places to try in Byron I thought I'd skip this one because I have it locally but also because I didn't want to queue. Next time though I'm telling myself I'll set aside more time to, after all a queue for food is always  good sign!

Love, Rachel Lilly x

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