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Sugarloaf Point

Updated: Feb 26, 2020

After two days of wondering where these seals were (at our little visit to Seal Rocks) it all fell into places when we reached Sugarloaf point. Worth the mini hike in 35 degree heat. 

Determined to discover the origin of this areas name our journey led us to Sugarloaf Point Lighthouse. We parked the car and walked through lush greenery up the hill, we didn't pass another sole and were just beginning to wonder if we were heading in the right direction when the trees parted and the morning sun beamed down on us. Suddenly it dawned on us we perhaps should have set off a little earlier. The Lighthouse was now in sight, it ended up being a great work out and the views at the top were worth the mini hike. Amazingly you can stay in the old lighthouse workers huts, which have been converted into luxury cottages. Now that is truly getting away from it all. I've added this to my adventure list for another time but I will need to work on packing light!

Check it out here: Seal Rocks Lighthouse Luxury Accommodation

Peace and Love, Rachel Lilly x

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