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Tanjong Beach Club

Updated: Feb 26, 2020

Ladies who lunch - Singapore

A lonnnnggg lunch is a really popular Sunday pastime in Singapore and was recommended to us by a few different friends. Drinks are very expensive in Singapore so the idea of this high tea style package with free flowing champagne (or cocktails) is you can sit back and relax without worrying about the bill. We looked at a few different places such as Woobar at the infamous W hotel and The Tea Lounge at the Regent. Before ultimately deciding to head to the beach club on Sentosa Island instead. My girlfriend I was was staying with had gone to     just a few weeks ago for her Birthday and despite having the best time really wanted to try something different. We were also keen to see the beach before we left so this seemed liked a good fit. Here's a little photo diary of our day...

I really loved it here, the beach itself is man made, but you'd never be able to tell. Those Singaporeans have been very clever in creating a gorgeous sheltered lagoon area, with palms completely disguising the shipping boats on the horizon. The beach was wide stretched and we love relaxing on our day bed watching people play volleyball and cute dogs having the time of their lives. Dogs aren't particularly welcome everywhere is Australia, which is a huge shame, so it was really refreshing to see the dogs here having so much fun with their humans. There was the cutest sausage dog next to us, just chilling with a group of girls on their day bed.

The service is really incredible here, we felt so special and pampered and stayed in the same spot all day, except for a few dips in the pool. We even had a guy just to sweep the sand off our bed for us - I could get used to this! The cocktails were amazing too and sure it wasn't cheap but we had around 6 hours here for the same price of a 2 hour brunch in one of the luxurious hotels. As the sun set, the atmosphere felt almost magical, beyond the beach club friends played volleyball, danced and played music or just relaxed on the beach. Overall, a perfect girls day out in Singapore!

Peace and Love, Rachel Lilly x

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