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Wombat Haven

Updated: Feb 26, 2020

Visiting a wombat sanctuary stay - Tasmania

On a recent trip to Tasmania I booked us into Wombat Haven, located in White Beach, nestled in the shelter of Wedge Bay on the Tasman Peninsula. I left this place for last on our trip as I knew it would be my favourite part, and it didn't disappoint. Cheryl, our Airbnb host welcomed us with open arms and showed us to our room, which was beautifully decorated with a four poster bed complete with a canopy drape - dreamy! The bathroom was squeaky clean and even had full sized shampoo bottles (the stuff of long hair dreams when you travel).

I didn't want to ask straight away but I was eyeing around wondering where the wombats were. We asked Cheryl for some tips on where to grab lunch and she gave us some leaflets on the area. Then, just as we were about to leave she says softly, "Can I show you something?" I was hopeful this was it! She took us to a fenced area on the veranda, inside was a babies crib and a poly tunnel on the floor with straw. Then, a sleepy little nose and whiskers appeared. "This is buddy" Cheryl said as she threw him into my arms. I had a brief moment of panic, like when you hold a baby for this first time and then I realised this is one of the best moments of my life. Just like holding an actual baby he snuggled into me and shut his eyes again. We put him back to bed, I couldn't wait to come back later for more cuddles.

After a day exploring the area we came back to Wombat Haven just in time to help feed the wombats. In additon to the two tiny babies there were also two larger wombats in an outside enclosure. Once they're big enough they're released back into the wild. Cheryl drives around most nights checking the roads, and that's where she finds them; quite often babies whose mothers have been killed. The larger two have barely any human interaction now to get them ready for the wild. Whilst for the younger two it's a different story. Once darkness fell, it was play time! We spent the evening being chased around by these little bundles of fluff and then ended the night sat on the couch with one of them asleep on me. We all chatted and watched Dexter, what a perfect evening! 

I visited here with my mum (I hope she loved it as much as I did), but it's a great place for couples too. Any animal lover really, I'd highly recommend a night or two here when you're in Tassie. The next morning we woke to sweet potato and zucchini fritters with sausages and toast with homemade jam. The best breakfast of the trip and it was completely unexpected. After one last cuddle with the wombats it was on to our next adventure...

Love, Rachel Lilly x

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